24 August 2017| Business

The size of your budget shouldn’t determine your success. The quality of the customer journey is the biggest factor. This year’s Salesforce State of Marketing Report highlights the possibilities open to marketers and how we are delivering exceptional customer journeys. Whether your budget is big or small, clever insights, personalisation, and experience are the keys to success....

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26 May 2017| Business

Marketer and award-winning entrepreneur Lauren Fried certainly knows how to keep busy. She heads up Pulse Collective, a marketing and communications agency she founded in late 2003. She also sits on the boards of several businesses, including reward points consultancy iFLYflat and the female entrepreneur community Inspiring Rare Birds. Of course, you might know Fried...

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27 April 2017| Entrepreneurs

These words that would normally destroy a business or a person’s career are the entry point just to participate in the world of gastronomy. Having The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in Melbourne this month, and the reach of the interest and coverage, is a reminder that there is no other universal language greater than food....

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03 April 2017| Advertising, Business

Every time I speak to a potential client and ask when they want to get started, they say yesterday. And getting selected… sometimes it’s because we’re the only agency who returned their call quickly enough. This worries me. Companies are not allowing themselves enough breathing space to conduct their due diligence in selecting their advertising...

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20 December 2016| Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs we are definitely not short of ambition and drive. Time, on the other hand … well, let’s keep this short. Time is precious and one of the reason’s we might overlook some really important advice, advice that may mean the difference between having a great idea and turning it into a booming business....

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26 October 2016| Branding

If you still need to explain what your business does for more than a few minutes, you’re in need of a rebrand – your branding should tell your story for you. Whether it’s a slight tweak to your logo or a complete overhaul of your website, a rebrand is nothing to sneeze at. It’s an...

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25 October 2016| Business

Saying ‘no’ doesn’t come naturally to many, particularly when you have your own business. It’s often tempting to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way, in an attempt to drive growth. Read more at:

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12 September 2016| Uncategorized

Entrepreneurialism is its own class of business, even being studied as a distinct subject. It’s no surprise then that entrepreneurialism comes with its own unique challenges, which requires a different mindset and approach than other business areas. Read more at:

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24 August 2016| Business

The role of the advisory board will evolve over time, but it will definitely create a culture of learning for your business while creating a safe place to discuss issues of major significance. There’s nothing better than being passionate about your business, but sometimes you can get too close. So it’s really pays to take...

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19 August 2016| Advertising

The federal government’s 2016 Census campaign was “lazy”, “uninspiring” and filled with errors, according to Pulse Collective founder and managing director Lauren Fried. Appearing on Gruen (the well-known TV show on the ABC that covers everything advertising) last night, Fried slammed the 2016 census ad campaign and the problems surrounding the execution of the data...

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11 August 2016| Branding

Marketer, entrepreneur and regular Gruen panellist Lauren Fried has announced the relaunch of the agency she founded over 13 years ago. Pulse Marketing will now be known as Pulse Collective, in a shift to serve solely entrepreneurs and privately-owned business as a full service marketing and comms agency. Read more at:

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03 August 2016| Business

In Anthill Online, Lauren was interviewed about some things that are at the heart of being a successful entrepreneur – Most likely, you started your service business by having one person as the key service provider – you. Having the technical skill to drive and lead the business, setting the business standards and pace. You...

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